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"You add a little 'wonderful' to everything you do. Thanks for what you did for me - and thanks for being you! You are truly awesome! Thanks for helping me."                                                                                         J.G.

"I've been having massage therapy from Tami for almost two years. She is truly therapeutic! Not just a 'feel good' massage but she is so knowledgable in addressing specific needs. If something is bothering me 'here' she knows just where the muscles and nerves are that are related and goes right to the source! She is very feeling and so easily relates to her me anyway!"                                                                                                    B.J.S.

"Decades ago, I had a fall from a horse injuring my neck and shoulder. No broken bones but it is evident years later that my clavicle was rotated. Despite visits to many practitioners, I had chronic neck tension and shoulder pain issues for years. Although other practitioners have helped me, it is with the massage therapy from Tami that I no longer have chronic neck tension or finger tingling. My TMJ, neck, shoulder and also knee issues have benefited from Tami's bodywork."            — K. M.

"I recently suffered a vehicle collision. I have relied on Country Place Massage and Tami's abilities to relieve the pain as well as tensions in my muscles allowing the muscles to begin the healing process. I have come to rely on Tami's knowledge and expert massage capabilities, reduction in the pain level and recovery of my legs function after 2 sessions is my proof that I am in good hands at Country Place Massage. I would recommend Country Place Massage to everyone who is in need of cost effective relief from muscle pain or disfunction."                                                                                        E.M.

 Of all the places I have lived and all the massage therapists I have been treated by there is none I would recommend more highly than Tami Thatcher.  She exhibits a combination of skill, competence, knowledge, and, probably most importantly, a sensitivity to her clients needs that I have not previously encountered.  During my time living in Idaho Falls I suffered through some serious medical problems.  Not only was Tami able to help treat my condition through massage therapy and reflexology; but she was also, due to her extensive knowledge of diet and nutrition, able to additionally assist me in my recovery by providing advice I am convinced reduced my recovery period.

She truly takes a personal interest in her clients’ well being, and it is with no reservation or hesitation that I recommend her to anyone who wishes to take a proactive approach to their own personal well being.”          —  C.S.

I knew Tami before she started the massage therapy program and I had my doubts about her being good at massage. I have had chronic neck problems since my days as a soccer player and I, if anyone, can benefit from a regular message. I lay on her table as a cynic and I rose as a believer. Not only did she relieve my pain but she gave me great suggestions as to how to keep my neck in shape between treatments. Anyone who is lucky enough to have Tami work for them should be thankful.”                                                            —  D.B.

 “The massage and body work I received from Tami Thatcher is the most effective and powerful I have received.  I am over 55 and had recently increased my physical activities in my work to include lifting of equipment and walking long distances. This caused seriously tight and strained muscles.

Tami's body work released tight muscles, aligning my back and shoulders and allowing my whole body to relax.  In addition, something I did not expect was the release of some emotional frustrations I was experiencing in relation to future career issues.

Tami is conscientious and thorough.  Her holistic approach makes her look beyond superficial problems.  She researches the best techniques to alleviate the client's conditions and works until results are seen.  I have been going to Tami for the past year and I recommend her as an excellent health care therapist.”                                                                                              — L.C.

“I have been very fortunate to be one of Tami’s clients from the time she started learning massage therapy until the present time. Tami’s dedication to learning massage therapy has advanced her skills in a very short period of time to allow her to bring relief to several of my chronic pains. Tami was able to facilitate a quick healing of my shoulder injury I suffered this year with her massage techniques. Tami continues her education and increasing her mastery of massage therapy on a regular basis. I have found Tami’s professional massages to not only be therapeutic, they are also very relaxing.”                          — J.M.

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