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Client Health History

Massage can assist the body's healing mechanisms, and is safe for many illnesses. However, for some health conditions you should consult with your doctor before having a massage. And remember, massage is not a substitute for medical care.

By providing a health history, you help your massage therapist tailor the massage to your health needs.

Here are some precautions. You should not have a massage today if —

  • you don't feel well
  • you have a fever
  • you have an infection
  • you have a contagious condition
  • you have edema (swelling) and you don't know why
  • you have been injured within the last 48 hours
  • you are pregnant and have not received a doctor's release to have a massage
  • you are a trauma survivor and may be better served in conjunction with a mental health provider.

You need to inform your massage therapist of health conditions so that problem areas are addressed and the best massage modality is selected for your treatment and comfort. For example, deeper work is often effective for muscle tension; however, if the client is susceptible to brusing, other lighter techniques can be used to bring about muscle relaxation.

Provide health information to allow identification of any contraindictions for massage or special precautions such as

  • site restriction — to avoid an area of injury.
  • pressure restriction — to avoid bruising an area should a medical condition or medication tend to allow easy bruising.
  • position restrictions — for example, if lying on your back or stomach is uncomfortable, side-lying may be comfortable or perhaps a massage chair or a massage mat on the floor will be preferrable to a massage table.
  • special assistance getting on or off the table. A massage session may cause some individuals to experience low blood pressure or low blood sugar or dizziness after lying down.
  • allergies —inform your therapist of potential irritants or allergens so they can be avoided.

If you have questions about whether massage is right for you, feel free to call (208) 522-2341.

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